Lambo Laboratories

Lambo Laboratories NV: the softgels specialist.

Lambo Laboratories, founded in 1865, is Belgium’s leading contract manufacturer of softgels. These one-piece, hermetically sealed gelatin capsules with an extremely long shelf life have transformed the global pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries. Consumers prefer soft gelatin capsules to other solid dosages because they are very easy to swallow and have a neutral flavour and taste.

Over our many years of operations, our family-owned, 100% private company has gained an industry-leading expertise in softgel development. This is why leading international pharmaceutical and nutraceutical enterprises all over the globe have chosen us as their softgel manufacturer. Lambo Laboratories is well known for its flexibility, short delivery times, reliability, and commitment to customer service.
Lambo Laboratories: your partner of choice for world-class softgels.